PlayStation 5 rumours

Sony’s PlayStation has been a constant fixture in the gaming market since its launch in 1994. Since then they have sold hundreds of millions of PlayStation consoles. With the current model, the PS4, being out for five years, speculation has grown as to what the next PlayStation will offer. In this blog, we’re going to make our best guesses as to what comes next.

When should we expect the PS5?

Sony has usually left a gap of about six years between new consoles. This would indicate a 2019 release. A report in the Wall Street Journal by analyst Damien Thong (who correctly predicted the release dates of the PS4 slim and PS4 Pro) predicts a 2018 launch. The President and CEO of Sony Shawn Layden said: “it will probably be some time” until we see a PS5. The PS4 was nearly 7 years after the PS3, so we reckon a 2020 release date seems most likely, especially as the PS4 Pro has recently launched as a stop gap – with all its VR capabilities and the like.


How much will it cost?

When the original PlayStation launched in 1994 it cost £299, when the PS2 launched it was £299, when the PS3 launched it was £425 and when the PS4 launched it was £349, so we are expecting the new console to be in the £300-£400 price range.


What will its specs be?

Sony has a big decision to make. Physical games on disc have been the cornerstone of the PlayStation to date, though the current trend for music and movies is moving to a streaming, cloud-based service. This would be a major change because retailers make money from selling games and they would not be too happy at losing their cash cow. With no optical drive, the possibilities of design are varied. I can’t possibly speculate on it will look like though. I could imagine that it will support 4k and high frame rates out the box, like the PS4 Pro, and there is a possibility it will support VR straight out the box too.

I would imagine there will be a new Dual Shock 5 controller. It will probably keep the same format as the existing controller, which has served Sony well over the years. It might add some additional features like back paddles or customisable buttons. These might be reserved form premium “pro” versions though.

I’d imagine that the PS5 is well into development, but when it is let loose in the wild, we don’t know. What we can be certain of however is that Sony will have plans in the works and we’ll see the new console before long.

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